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Sunday Shelf – "stoicism"

“Cloud Shadows” – Winslow Homer

When we suddenly find ourselves under a “Cloud Shadow” of life, we need to take a moment to reflect.  Life teaches us lessons as well as the history of ancient philosophy.  

“Happiness is the good flow of life.”  
Zeno was an ancient Greek Philosopher, the founder of the “stoic” school of philosophy.
Stoicism placed great emphasis on the goodness of peace of mind by living a life according to nature.
“Weary” – Winslow Homer
When you are weary, find a spot under a solid tree outdoors and feel the power of nature.
Take a moment to find solace in nature. 
“Two are company- Three are none” – Winslow Homer (illustration)
During the last week, my mind has been shadowed with cloudy thoughts, sadness, loss, anger, frustration, yet the virtue of stoicism reigns supreme in my mind.  Often, alone time is best in order to find peace of mind.
Sunlight and Shadow” -Winslow Homer  
(Day’s missed on a Hammock, a gal after my own heart)

As the artist Winslow Homer said. 
Look at nature, work independently, solve your own problems.”  
 Often, finding solace in nature does provide the answers to solving one’s problems but it is also with the help of stoic friends and family who have a way of standing tall, proud and full of virtue.
Are you living a life of virtue?  True good can only exist in virtue.
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