Artful Living

Sunday shelf, March hare

Tiffany bunny bank, smiling illustration by my daughter and a small pitcher made by me in 3rd grade, spot for hair clips.

Welcome March with a wild hare.  March is the first official month of Spring which symbolizes

a time for change, more light, new life and hope.   

Needlepoint by me for my daughter – created from scratch, not a kit.
Before my daughter was born, I was inspired to needlepoint the above canvas as she hopped into our hearts, born the year of the rabbit.  Having a love for Beatrix Potter, I merely gathered my wool yarns, canvas and proceeded to paint or rather stitch the canvas.  From a young age, I was forced to do it myself as most kits were costly and also considered boring.  You will never see a kit of any kind here, originality was instilled by a one- of -a -kind mother.  I always longed for those tidy kits but now abhor them.  The border is a thick band of white, which took me forever and then framed in a white washed frame.  It resides there on the wall, until I find the perfect chair for it to become a seat to give to her when she hops to her own home.

“Bunny” catching the light and warmth of a cheery pink lamp
Little did I know that her collection of bunnies would multiply.  They are prolific at procreating, each one cuter than the next.  Meet “Bunny” – Bunny has traveled and been lost or left many times and then swiftly found.  I did have to replace him only one time, when my little one was very little.  Just once is not so bad.  I considered having a back-up of bunnies.  This bunny is well loved, his pink ribbon is tattered from constant rubbing.  His white coat has been bathed and washed and has gone from a posh plush to a sort of  flat mole-skin.  Nonetheless, he is ever so loved.  I leave him in funny poses with notes or glasses for my little one to find.
Right now he has is a wild hare, and has an eye mask on that says, “GO AWAY.”  In an effort to inspire, I chose to show you his gentler side, his hopeful side, even though we both long for Spring and want Winter to just go away.