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purely feminine

“Girl with a Pearl” – Dutch painting, Vermeer
Wrapped in layers of warmth, as the bitter cold continues to chill my soul, my mind creates a purely feminine spirit to shine forth in hopes for Springtime.   The “Girl with a Pearl” exudes patience and longing as I do for the love of Spring.  Spring renews my heart.

FleurT” – Powder Pink silk baby-doll gown
I prepare by thinking of utterly pretty things to quicken my pulse.  My love for powdery pink slips, bows, pearls and femininity excites me with a furry.

Fleur-t” ruffly robe
Locked in the clutches of old man Winter, I long for signs of things that are soft and pretty with graceful ruffly girlish desires, such as this pretty, ruffly robe. 

Vermeer’s – Dutch painting, ” love the warmth, the light and the golden curtain”
Just adding a pearl necklace to a winter day, can suddenly add light and radiate perfection.
Colors like jonquil, pale rose, lily white all hint of Spring.

Ruffles, Lingerie or pale pink undergarments add a certain “printemps” or graceful spring in your step.  Just wearing a powder pink panty will surely make a girl sit like a lady.

Belle Fleur located in New York ~ A Mother, Daughter duo 
Simply bringing home a bouquet of pink adorned with a bow, will make one feel like a young bride, full of love, and anticipation for a happy ever after day.  Flowers, bows and some lovely music are sure to add a romantic air.  That said, there is nothing like a new lingerie treat for a bit of secret pleasure.
Gorgeous woman, gaining strength from her purely feminine posture~ full of love.
Now that I have caught your attention with all these pretties, stand tall, be proud of your purely feminine side to provide you with strength go forth and to brave another beautiful day, even if there is snow on the ground and no signs of spring outside.  Let your pearls and grace radiate and feel the love for your purely feminine side.  You are loved and you are worth it.
How do you get in touch with your femininity?