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Perideau Designs is a lovely place to shop for simple, modern stationery.

Meet Bridgett, she named her company after her August birthstone, the peridot.  Bridget wanted a business name that had a significant meaning and one that would be aesthetically pleasing from a graphic standpoint.  She came up with the spelling “Perideau.”  (perfect!)

Working alone – designing, printing and assembling the products,  she bounces ideas by her husband and her 17 month old daughter as well!  He provides incredible support to her, filling orders or helping to juggle the demands of her work and motherhood.

Perideau style is simple, modern and uncluttered.  She loves modern interior design, inspired by the latest edition “Dwell” magazine.   The clean lines, muted palettes are seen in her streamlined designs.
She finds her best time to work is very early in the morning, finding focus and no disruptions. One of her favorite sites to visit is “zen habits” from where she learned that “one can get so much done before the rest of the world wakes up.”  I love the early mornings too.

Her customers are women looking for stationery or party goods for their children or for personalized gifts for friends.  She is constantly scouting to expand the perideau line.  I must admit that when I spotted “Perideau” – I immediately thought that it was letterpress, but it is high quality ink jet printing.  The line was born when she began searching for paper products for her daughter and she wanted a line that would cater to the innocence of childhood and the understated sophistication of the young at heart without being overly “cutesy.”  
Please pop over here to “Perideau” – she has a lovely shop on etsy and a beautiful blog.   I really love the modern simplicity not only for children but for any age.  For as long as I can remember,  I have always loved perfectly modern paper.