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mod pods

Three peas in two mod pods, in the lobby of Hotel Bloom, Belgium – Europe
Last Summer we went to Europe and my kids loved fighting over the two mod lucite pods in this lobby.  Fond memories of returning to the hotel and them running to claim their stake.
Something about having only 2 for 3 makes them happy.  If there were 3 of these pod chairs, I truly wonder if they would have bothered.  Mind you – we stayed at four different hotels and this was by far their favorite spot which they were quick to remind their parental pod squad.

They loved this hotel because it resembled the inside of an Apple.(store)  The hotel had a great breakfast buffet, internet cafe, fun lounge with great music, cool elevators and the rooms were
spacious, hip and nice to return to.  Fresco’s jazzed one wall in each room, painted with bold, fresh designs by young artists and the artists bio was displayed under lucite.   Mind you, the hotel staff were happy, hip, fresh and looked like they actually liked coming to work.  
Care to plant the seed and share any mod-like hotels that you have stayed. 
Bloom where you are planted takes on new meaning.  Be sure to bloom today!
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