Artful Living

In the pink

First pve design -Illustration for client, scroll down to notice the subtle changes in each sketch
One of the most fascinating parts of what I do as an artist are the amazing people that come to me not only as clients but as people who open my heart.  Before I had a web site I contemplated opening a shop locally and selling items that I make, craft, illustrate, paint but then I was lead to developing a web-site which opened my small world to a much larger audience.  It was shortly after my site had launched that I had a lull, and doubted my decision.  Wondering how people would find me, how would they come to me.  

Illustration, pve design, note the changes, no rug, less clutter, simpler
I knew that I needed to be nearby for my family as I had left a fashion designing career which took me to far flung places.  In my heart, I wanted to be home, with my children and be there for the many “firsts.” It was not until much soul searching and writing down my intentions, did I notice that they began to take shape, and to blossom right before me, even when I was not fully aware of how it was all “aboutness.”  I use this word to share with you to contemplate your own story, what are you about, what do you wish to be, where are you going and how will you arrive at your very own self “aboutness.”  Often, letting go is part of our process, peeling away the layers, editing and clearing the clutter in our own head.  
It is my friends and loyal readers about you, and how you can see yourself “in the pink“- healthy, rosy and glowing in what ever you do.  It is important for each one of us to realize we have unique and special gifts.

Illustration, pve design, more paring down and honing in on the real person, less about the stuff and more focus on this lovely gal with a true “collars-up” energy.  
Before I began blogging, I would look, read and want to be a part of such an amazing group of positive energy.  With the encouragement of a few esteemed and graceful bloggers, and much contemplation, it was the revelation of my blog and the intent to design, create and to inspire an artful life.  For wherever you sit, or stand, each of us deserves to know that we are exactly where we need to be. 
Life is all about choice, about temptation, about uniqueness and to truly find your focus, you need to sit still and know that it is up to you to decide the details and feel yourself taking on a rosy glow.  Put yourself in this pretty pink chair and reflect, focus and tell me, are you “in the pink?” 
Illustration, pve design, focus is front and center on this stylishly chic gal and 2 cool cats~