Artful Living

daily bread

Home made Bread  ~ made by my friend Taina
Growing up in a family of seven children, daily bread was part of survival.  Learning to bake and break bread was simply part of each day.  Bread and butter is still considered a daily luxury.   A dear friend gave me a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated.  Just look at this bread that she shared, a slice of heaven.  I love anything illustrated to show me how to.  I have always been big on directions with pictures.  Another friend, Debra – asked me to share what’s cooking and my cook books.

An artful Salade Nicoise for lunch prepared by Taina
So much of enjoying good food is not merely in the cooking, but in the artful presentation. Just look at this lovely Spring Salade Nicoise, tuna, lettuce, tomatos, potatoes, an egg, olives, green beans and top with a home made vinaigrette.  I know for many, that eating healthy can be a challenge especially if the process was not instilled at an early age.  I was fortunate to have parents who built a produce business in 1945 and it is still thriving today.  We had many a meal made from things that just were not worthy of selling.  Many a fabulous meal, home made soup and bread.

my kitchen shelf, above a doorway – the Joy is cooking is one of my favorite books.
( excuse the blurry photo )
Simply streamline, stop buying processed food, buy organic, make or grow your own if possible.  Spring time is a wonderful time to focus on all the healthy items from local farmer’s markets.  Peruse cookbooks and share on-line recipes with friends.   Plant a garden and promise yourself to eat good food daily and break a little bread.