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button it

(Winner from the fab friday give away goes to Granny Smith Green!)
The boxes which line the walls of the small and Tender Buttons shop
As a child, I was always fascinated with buttons and curious with things like bound button-holes too.  I began sewing in the 3rd grade and made my very own cotton calico dress.  Trips to the local fabric shoppe were a heady experience as the dyes of the textiles were so pungent and the trimmings to me were like candy.  

On a recent trip to New York City my list included a stop to Tender Buttons.  

The tiny shop has a tender heart with a vast collection of buttons.   Part of my master plan was to see if my daughter would display any tendencies to the notion of sewing an Easter ensemble.
It is a spot where one can reminisce about people and their corresponding buttons.  My Mother-in-law loves “fancy” buttons and we both spotted some which reminded us of her.
Just think how those shiny brass buttons sewn on Peter Rabbit’s Jacket made it “quite new.”
Creative touches or trims often breathe new life and can shine, like that of freshly polished shoes or silver.  How will you choose to “button it” this spring and give someone something to talk about?