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Blue and White

Chinoiserie images on china, the perfect blue and white plate to design a room around.

Classic navy blue wall from Ralph Lauren and Chinese Porcelain from Wikepedia
Crisp, classic navy blue walls with white slip-covered furniture, are the perfect room to showcase a collection of blue and white porcelain.  Borders of blue and white band a curtain and the edge of a plate.

pve design painting, Gouache
Last year I painted these tablescapes – for Absolutely Beautiful Things and came across them while I was organizing and thought I would share them with you again. Somehow, I never tire of blue and white porcelain.  Ginger jars, tea jars, boxes, vases, plates and textiles all looking as though they were gathered for a family reunion.

image from Absolutely Beautiful Things
Immediately, images of Ralph Lauren and grand rooms appointed with blue and white come to mind.

The Ralph Lauren Mansion, the shop on Madison Avenue, NY, courtesy of Habitually Chic
Having begun my design career at Ralph Lauren, it was a given that “navy blue and white” be in every collection.  One of my favorite looks for Spring or Resort has always been the navy and white sailor top with white sailor pants.  Ralph Lauren always seems to stay true to blue and white, the above image is from the Mansion via Habitually Chic. Heather recently posted on the shop.  What a fabulous chair, and the chinoiserie vessel, they make quite the pair.

a pve design painting for Absolutely Beautiful Things

Collecting all begins with the love of an object for color or design. Perhaps you have a signature collection.   All you need to do is gather your collection in one spot and see it take shape. Do you have a love for blue and white?  What do you collect?  Please e-mail me a photo or post your collection.  Perhaps I will be inspired to honor a collection with a work of art.