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Light today
with tomorrow
              Elizabeth Browning

Never did I imagine that I would beget so many incredible and overwhelming responses from readers, so in an effort to reach those of you that perhaps are too shy to inquire, I have decided to give some action steps for each of you to be inspired.

1.  Do one thing today that fills your heart with reward.  This one thing might be something that you have wanted to draw, paint, bake, make or create.  Do something that is an easy finish.  I am one for having long drawn out involved projects, but do something simple to finish.  Action is in doing and the reward of completion gives one joy.
2.  Make an area to go to work, to create, like Gepeto, the puppet maker, he had a little area to do what he loved.  He wanted a son so much that he created it.  Create what you want.
Create this space for you.
3.  Get outdoors, run, walk or do something to increase the good endorphins. Use this time to listen and to hear your thoughts.  Embrace the quiet.  Feel your heart and give thanks for every beat. 
4.  Share your enthusiasm and passion with others – you may even consider taking a class or setting up a small side business.  
3.  Listen carefully while you are working, creating and designing for the next idea but do not stop, complete this action, record the next.
4.  Fill your home or the place you work from with love.  If it is white floors or wallpaper, then do so, make it unique to you.  Edit, let go of clutter.  I put things in boxes or baskets and go through them, put them away – Live with 5 things you love.  You will find then it will become only 1 or 2 things that you really love.  We live in a society that somehow leads us to believe that more is better.  The old adage, less is more is true.
5.  Make an afternoon, or an evening full of what you love.  Carve out time for that and reserve it with you – You owe it to yourself to do so.  
6.  Connect or reach out to those who inspire or amuse you.  Chances are they will be flattered.
It can be something as simple as reaching out to the postman or someone that you see daily.
Give them a smile, do something nice.  It does not have to cost anything.  You will be surprised at the light of tomorrow with the joy you shine today.
Remember you are a bright and shining light!
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