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jump rope for heart

Sophia Western – 1800 – jumping rope in a loose frock, worn at a time when hoop skirts were the fashion~
Jumping rope is a great way to stay in shape as well as making one feel young at heart.

Last week at my daughter’s elementary, they had the annual “Jump Rope for Heart” event. All the grades are assigned a time slot of one hour to jump.  Prior to this special event, they work to raise awareness of supporting the American Heart Association and call upon friends and family to contribute a worthy cause. 

Music is pumping and the kids are jumping!

T-shirts are decorated by the children which creates excitement to prepare for this day full of heart.

Girls and boys get in the swing of it.

Some watch, while others jump.  Jumping and pumping for a good cause full of heart.
Will you be supporting a heart-worthy cause this week for Valentine’s day?
Support The American Heart Association, or donate blood for someone you love.