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fab friday give-away

Ah, fab friday has arrived.  I don’t know about you, but friday is not only the end of the week, but the start of something new, a brand new weekend to enjoy.  Leave it to the fab Seleta to simply rally the blog troops to attention and and salute something that makes your friday fabulous.  
Here is a peak at what makes my Friday fabulous and I am in hopes to inspire your friday too.
A fab friday involves errands and jobs to finish.  A quick stop to my local hardware store and always a smile from “Joe” – Mr. Ardsley Hardware!  He always has a smile, a song and something good to share.  He is an actor too.  I like people who love their work and follow their craft.  He knows everyone’s name.

This is an illustration of Ardsley Hardware that I did for Joe as a store mailer.  Thanks Joe!
Next stop, to the laundry guy to pick up dry cleaning and freshly pressed shirts for my guy.
After all it was my guy that told this cleaner that his wife (pve) needed to “pick” the color for the walls.  I did and they painted it the very next day and hugged me.  How fab is that!  I associate blue with water and with clean clothes.  The color before was dirty and dingy.  I had told the previous owner, that he should paint it.  Good to know that some people listen, right! Thanks Roslyn dry cleaners!

I even told them to make a wall like this, and where to order the prints.  They also made the curtain for the dressing room, It is a fresh white.  The place looks like it was cleaned up by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.   
Next stop, the “Riv” –Riviera Bakehouse.  Yep, a bit of Disney right here too in our little village. Mayberry RFD.

This is the illustration which hangs on the bakery wall.  I gave the owner this to remember the 1st location which was quaint and tiny and the line snaked out the door on holidays.  They moved to a bigger and more fabulous space foot steps away.  Bigger ovens, bigger cakes, more fabulousness.

Cakes that are artfully created.  The owner’s daughter graduated from college, majored in Art and could not land a job, so she began helping out and applying her skills and her passion.  
Now this bakehouse has books, and has even been on TV! 
I just need a little something sweet for these brand new fab feet that stepped into our hearts on our avenue, just a few days ago.  Lucky me is invited to a little celebration today for this handsome guy.  He makes number 3 for a fab family of 5.  We are a fab 5 family too as well as the neighbor next door, all 2 boys and 1 girl.

The Brit. (thanks for the spelling Heidi!)  If you have never been to one, it’s a rite of passage and a Jewish tradition.  I am amazed at women, up and partying only a week after the baby has arrived.  That is just fab in my book.
Next stop, to pick up my artwork from my fab framer, Andy – who always has great music playing, a smile and an acid wit.  He even greets me “PVE” which makes me feel like a fab celeb.
His helper’s name is Matt and you know we have a good time matting my work.   Lots of colors, textures and even fresh white linen for Seleta.
They know how to fab finish my artwork.  It ships better too.  Just another thing that gives me more fab time….
for a fab walk with my fab dog, Bentley.  
Fab bonus is that I get a walk too!  Time to breathe and get outside.

Lastly, a moment of fab thanks to fabulous Seleta each of you for all your fab comments and support.  You cannot imagine how each of you motivate me.   Leave a fab comment and the lucky winner will win a fab pve design illustration.  Love to make your day fab.
I think I feel a fab nap coming on.  Winner announced when my prince awakes me with a fab kiss on monday.