Artful Living

eat dessert first

Meet Lecia and her lovely boys, husband Alexi, and boys Abbot and Cal.  If Lecia were here, I would take her to our local bakery with the motto, “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first”- because I think she lives 
each day as if it were a day that is dessert.  
Her days are spent creating and exploring her surroundings with her family which she shares with us on her blog, that she began in June 2008.  
Daily musings and lovely photographs, be it a stack of freshly folded laundry or an empty heart shaped bowl, these images remind one to seek happiness and contentment in the simple joys of life.  
This is a quick glimpse, an illustration that I drew for Lecia and her family
as they live a simply colorful life each day.

Here is the black and white line drawing for you to print out and color in.  (Click on image and print out) My hope is that Lecia and her sons (color) & continue to inspire us through their adventures as they savor the tiny moments, one bite at a time.  Thanks for making my day simply sweeter.  Lecia reminds me that even on the toughest days to look for joy.  Now that is what I call living a day that is dessert a well deserved day.  What makes your day sweeter?