Artful Living

domestic sheep

Domestic sheep instinctively flock together.   Sheep are very social creatures as well.  You will never see a lone sheep, where there is one, shall be 4 more.  This little sheep flocked on over to Calico Corners to meet the fabulous design leader “Eddie Ross.”

Eddie Ross & Patricia van Essche smiling for the camera (I think I could be old enough to pass for his Mother)  Eddie is a young vibrant thing!
I had planned to mail the sheep illustration, a housewarming gift to Eddie & Jaithan -(which I matted in linen), knowing how much he loves linen and neutrals.  Eddie & Jaithan were such warm and welcome hosts as well as the Calico Corners shop staff.  It was an intimate setting.
Eddie graced us as he presented some wonderful ideas to refresh one’s living space.  His energy and passion are so fresh and playful.  His laugh is infectious and his ability to laugh at himself ranks likability in my book.  Really, just a few details and a little creative ingenue are all one needs to infuse and make it distinctively yours. 
An artfully arranged centerpiece in a white urn, by Eddie
Are these flowers not just gorgeous?  So Eddie.  As well as the spread of beverages and light fare which was artfully arranged.  The grapes were delightful as well as the wine.
Thrift store beaded dress from Eddie, “the before”
Eddie showed us a thrift store beaded dress that was transformed into something gorgeous for the home.  The envelope please.

Transformed into this stunning pillow – “the after”
And the Oscar goes to Eddie and Calico Corners for this award winning pillow.  

Calico Corners in house event, felt like being at home.
Thank you to Calico Corners and to Eddie and Jaithan for a fun and educational evening.
Take a look at Calico Corners to add some fresh fabrics to your home, make custom napkins, tablecloths, re-cover a chair, have some new and witty pillows and make your home a place filled with stories.  
Be sure to flock to an event if Eddie happens to come to your meadow.   Seriously, who needs magazines with leading bloggers making live appearances and offering up free tips.  Everywhere that Eddie goes, this little lamb shall go.  Are you a domestic sheep?  What will you do to add some freshness to your home for Spring?