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close knit

“knitting a story” from french blogger here

my knitting -2 x 2, knit stitch – yarn from flying fingers, Tarrytown, NY
Each week, for about an hour or two, a gaggle of local geese flock together to knit stories and to network.  Idle chatter reigns while we each work on our own various projects with sticks and string or needle and thread.   

My dear one, sporting her hat at morning drop-off.  Oops, somebody missed the bus!
Coffee or tea is poured while we ruminate the nature or our daily existence.  Nibbles and nosh are spread out for random bites while we work.  Each of us have families, challenges, dropped stitches, knitting and sewing it all together by meeting and networking.   Simple to complex projects are made ranging from socks, scarves, sweaters, hats and stitchery, but the real reason we meet is not purely for the needle, but more for the yarns, the stories, and sharing life.  We feel connected, our little close knit circle.

Proud and warm, my little “hot-head”
Each of us are unique, all coming from varied backgrounds yet sharing a common thread as women, daughters, mothers, and creators.  We have nothing to prove as we each humbly open our hearts and our homes to taking our hats off to one another.  Do you feel inspired to form your own humble network?
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