Artful Living

sweet and sour

Most nights I sleep so deeply, and then when I have had enough, I simply wake up and take the time to reflect and gather my thoughts in an uninterrupted way.  It is my quiet time.  Often, I am guided by something stronger that leads me to a place which I truly feel is for a reason or for some sort of higher power.  A message, a sign that guides me.

I was sifting and sorting through my pile of things to read and I read an article which lead me all the way here, and suddenly I was sobbing and feeling that this needed to be shared.  As a mother, an artist, a friend and a lover of life and the energy that we must send out, I wanted to take this time to share with you something so sweet and so sour.   We are a force and we can provide positive energy and make changes that will in essence bring us through hard times and
one quickly realizes that each of us have a master plan which does not lie in our hands.
Life gives us things that are so poignant, so beautiful and sometimes just too hard to swallow.
I posted earlier about today being my one year blog day but somehow it pales compared to this.