Artful Living

seeing the light

When we bought our home, our 1st home (this home) – We never knew that we would still be here nor did we know about the odd yet witty chandelier that came with the house.  I remember asking the previous owner (the only owner who built this home and raised a family of 3) about the history of the chandelier) and she proceeded to tell me with a spark in her eye, that she had bought it on Madison Avenue in the the 1950’s at a Scandanavian Shoppe and the lighting designer was Finnish.
Many a dinner party, this fixture has been the topic of conversation and apparently promised to not one, but to many – should we ever part with it.  

A dear friend had told me when we bought our home to wait a year, watch the garden, live with things.  Wise words my friend.  Here we are, the light still reigns, and while I have envisioned other fixtures, it still hangs, my saavy blog friends have all insisted that it should be restored.
One of my chic and stylish city counterparts, told me immediately after delivering her 3rd in the hospital that she spotted my chandelier in a shelter magazine. (I will locate and post this today)  I was impressed that she had magazines in the midst of maternity, motherhood and madness.  But then of course, she has an “eye” when it comes to style scouting.
I am so glad that I did not throw it out with and leave it for the garbage man.  Surely someone like me would be out for the early morning trash to treasures hunt and pick this up to find out it is worth something.  My husband says I have a way of knowing the worth and finding things that increase in value.  I totally scored in more ways than one.  I think I am finally beginning to see the light.