Artful Living


When I was asked to do the drawing for the holiday card for this dear friend of mine, I thought of all the things that she does for me.  Truly, she is the kind of lady who does things effortlessly to spice up your life.  She has traveled and lived in exotic places and she even has an exquisite look and style to prove her international prowess.

Our first meeting was “sketchy” as we met at our local library long ago, however it was not until our wee ones went to a tot stop, that we began to get to know one another and our children got along well too which always adds fuel to the fire.
If you look closely, on the sled are the “twins” which we loved sharing stories about.  Only a mother of twins can relate to double duty and double dipping.  Then along came the third child and I remember visiting them at the hospital and smelling that newborn and taking great delight to be the chosen “Godmother.”  At Christmas mass, we invited them to share Christmas.  We enjoyed a day of tasting and talking and passing that newborn around.  It seemed like the very next day, they were relocated to Paris.  When she was gone, it truly felt like someone had removed the spice from my day or forgive, the pun, someone had moved my fromage.
While she was living in Paris, I worked hard to get my web site up (and my friend would ask, “Is it done?”) and to focus on my business, hence my friend back came back to America before I was able to visit her in Paris, alas- my site was finally up.  I was able to live vicariously through her with each and every e-mail and photo attached.  Each of us have friends who encourage, inspire, and motivate us to do our personal best and to make life taste better.  My husbands childhood le crueset fondue set has been upgraded to an electric one, thanks to my friend. Better fondue, never knew it was bad!   Cheese in any form is good to me.
Now I am going to encourage my dear friend to build a business (or a blog) based on her many talents.  Surely, what ever she does will be done with a zest of cardamom, cheese, curry and class.