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Sweet on barters, sweets for illustrations, (pve design artwork)
for blogger, decorator-“High-Heeled Foot in the Door”

Yes, I promised to share my sweets with you and here they are!  We were so delighted with all the sweets on Thanksgiving day.  Our meal lingered for hours and finally after “some”- caught some shut-eye in front of the crackling fire and “some” went for a walk, I prepared the kitchen table with a banquet of sweets for all to get a “sweet on!”
a table of sweets to share
Home-made brownies, bars, fruit, apple pie with sour cream, pumpkin pie with chestnut puree and of course, the delightful Hagen dasz Ice Cream.  Thanks to this lovely gal over here, she sent me boxes and boxes of yummy treats for an illustration, a sweet swap!
I am so sweet on barters.  My very own father loves to tell the story of his Mother -“bartering” when he was born, she gave the Doctor a fresh farm chicken for delivering her son.  
Sharing sweets with one another and giving thanks~
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