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draw the line

pve sketch, micron pen
My work begins with a series of what I like to refer to as notes, lines and editing in order to capture the image on paper.  I spend an inordinate amount of time looking and then making “jabs” or lines to capture what I see.  Once I feel that the piece is ready for color, I begin by formulating a color palette.  
Often – I use a simple card with a hole punch to locate the true color, especially if I am working from a photo.  Often I am surprised by the color that I see in the hole.  This simple exercise helps me to see the dark and the light, giving me a “road map” or what I like to call a to the final art.  
pve color illustration
Laying in the color, with a brush and a fast pace of “pulling and pushing” in order to give the work dimension and to draw one in.  A limited palette is also easy on the eye and accentuating the focus of the work makes one want to step inside.  If similar colors are next to one another -then the hue of that color pops when different, for example the gray blue roof next to the aqua sky.   Note the cobalt blue pots pop against the yellow. 
Hope this post inspires you to draw the line!
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