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true gift tuesday

True gifts spring spontaneously from one’s pure compassionate heart with no thought of any return.     


Today is “true gift tuesday” and I am doing a little give back to the first 3 commenters!  (not to worry if you do not make the first 3 as I will be posting a series of give back tuesdays!)

Last week I sent a box to Perfect -Beginning  to get the ball rolling for a “pay-it-forward.”  
There is something special about getting a box in the mail.  Yesterday, a box of goodness was sent to Architect Design.

The requirements for the the pay-it-forward true gift tuesday are to be fun, thoughtful and simply something to make the person smile!  I want to thank la la lovely for sending me a box, a lovely chocolate bar, a pretty little soap dish and a delightful initial magnet which I love!  She has just launched something to remind us to be good and that each of us can make a difference.

this little doll is running to give her Mum something special.  
she dressed herself and I had to take her photo, what style!
I just love her “dora” boots!
So good things come in 3’s…. May each of you go forth this true gift tuesday.  It is in giving that we receive.  Give something simple, make someone smile today.  Release your inner child and play along, pay it forward, “true gift tuesday!”   The top 3 must e-mail me, as to where to send!