Artful Living


pve design illustration for Sur la Mer, California
Nothing makes my heart skip a beat faster than a “boutique” or a “shoppe” full of international charm.  I adore the kind of place where you feel compelled to step inside because the sunny disposition is right there smiling at you in the window.  From the minute you walk inside, pleasantries are spoken, you are welcomed as someone special.  

Sur la Mer inspires the love of the beach inside with furnishings and accessories
Happy things eye you, silk pillows to jazz up your couch, chic lighting, or a gorgeous book and suddenly you find yourself in deep conversation with the shoppe-keeper, why it’s as if you have known one another for a life-time. 

Sur La Mer design offers services to artfully prepare your home, inside and out!
You find out that you both love the art of creating and designing an artful home.  Both beach lovers, sunscreen users, travelers, love french things, a serendipitous moment, right!
pve design, illustration of topiary in front of Sur la Mer
Touches like potted topiaries, fresh cut flowers, the scent of a candle, and lovely music draw me in and I feel compelled to bring something home.  A new design book, a frame, a wonderful wooden bowl and a soft throw all seem to call my name, making me feel special, in a “boutiquey” sort of way.  The above illustrations were done for “Sur La Mer” – a lovely boutique in California.  Tell me, if you shop there?  What speaks to you, do you have a favorite local shoppe that calls your name?