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rock, paper, scissors & glue

A collage of the artist, by the artist Megan Coyle

Megan Coyle is a gal who rocks the world with collage.  Give this gal some paper, scissors and glue and a composition is created to produce a painting of sorts.  In high school, there was an art project that I did very similar to this and I loved the challenge.  In a way, a collage is sort of like a puzzle.

A collage by Megan Coyle
Finding your craft and your passion can be found at any age.  I am happy for  that she seems to have found her passion for collage at a young age.  I always admire those that find it, recognize it and honor what they love.  I also admire late bloomers too.
I could not resist to post this “great pumpkin.”  The vibrant color and dedication to creating depth of field, shape and shadow speaks to me.  How incredible to have found magic in paper and glue.  Megan has many works for sale along with note-cards.  Please give a round of applause to this dedicated artist.  As an artist, nothing gives me more pleasure than supporting them through buying a work or bartering.  Think about sending Megan some paper or glue or simply leave a comment here for her.  
Megan Coyle in the del-ray show with her collage.