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pink eye

I have a “pink eye” today. ( I see pink!)
 In hopes of a raising awareness for
Breast Cancer.

Pink is contagious, perhaps it was caused by this graphic pink pillow from here.
or these heart sachet’s to tuck inside a drawer-
as a reminder of friends who have left us.

Bring home some pink for your self or a friend as a reminder to make that appointment, early.

No time, wait a minute, pull up a chair, a pink chair.
A pink “C” for “Courage” goes out to all the survivors and fighters.
On the go, then grab this rosy cot for some added side-line fun.

Feeling dizzy.  Lie down here.  Amazing how a dose of pink made my eyes feel so much better
“Pinky swear” bosom buddies, that you will pick up the phone and schedule your appointment today.

labels from twogirlzstuff at etsy

How many of you are due for a check-up and do you dread this one as much as I do?
What are we waiting for?  
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