Artful Living

High Society

Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a lunch for a Princess.  The Princess Grace Foundation is dedicated to the dreams and wishes of Princess Grace to support emerging artists in the fields of Theater, Dance and Film.  Each year recipients are awarded support and recognition.

Princess Grace has touched the lives of many artists yesterday as well as today.
Over the years, I have been fortunate to be included in many wonderful events as my sister-in-law is on the board of trustees for the Foundation.  My husband was raised in Monaco and has been friends with the Royal Family and remained in contact while raising his own family.
The luncheon was held at Daniel in New York City to honor the donors and supporters of this foundation prior to the evenings gala.  A pve design commissioned work of art has been donated to support this event, hence I was included in the lunch fit for a Princess.  The menu was a royal treat!  I had the pleasure of being seated next to some incredible women and to hear the stories of how they are working to support this foundation in memory of a loved one.
During this time of financial uncertainty, one area that always seems to suffer is the arts and it is so important that we realize this and continue to recognize and give to a cause that will support the wishes and dreams of those that have gone before in style and grace.