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great dames

Lately, I have been thinking about what are the qualities that one must possess to be a great dame.  Is it a lost art?  For the better part of my life, as a young woman I was always enamored with my elders.  I have great respect for them and the strength, conviction and longevity.

My Mother recently lost a dear friend who was 103 years old.  She would often ring my Mother with a grocery list.  When my Mother would deliver the goods, she would always want her to come in and have some tea or hot coffee with a small piece of chocolate.   She told my mother it was that tiny piece of chocolate that kept her strong, and kept her going.
The other day on a walk, I met a woman, an elderly woman who was stunning and kind.  I would refer to her as a great dame.  What makes a great dame, is it suffering that gives way to courage?
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