Artful Living


periwinkle bloom gratitude note cards sent to me!

Gratitude is heaven itself.
                     ~ William Blake
I just had to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude to each of you.   As an artist and mother of three, my daily life is one of striving for balance and to please many.  Criticism and anxiety often side track me from reminding myself how truly blessed I am.  How fortunate to do what I love, to be close to raise my family and to build a business.  It is all so much easier when I have an “attitude with gratitude.”
Never realizing the impact that the blog world would bring to my day, the amount of work streaming in and the ability to balance requires patience.  I ask those of you who are waiting for “artwork or lunch” to be made, to be patient and to know how eternally grateful I am for each of you.  
While on a job yesterday painting, my client reminded me, “There is a plan or a puzzle for each of us while we are here and we must not fail to see that the missing piece is in someone else’s hands.”  It made perfect sense.  I wanted to thank each of you for your amazing support and patience in helping me to solve my puzzle or striving to be the best Mom, artist and friend.   
A little “attitude-gratitude” is what I encourage each of us to try today.