Artful Living

t’is the gift to be simple

People who truly know me, know that I love to give.   I believe in giving and simply sharing with others.  Very often, I am lucky to barter with other artists.
Raised in Kentucky, one of my favorite spots to visit has always been here.
Be sure to watch the video clip on the site, Ashley Judd loves it there too.

A road less traveled to Shaker Village takes me to a simpler place and time.
They too believed in simple gifts.

A visit to Shaker village, where one is kindly welcomed.

Autumn foliage, noble red barns, blue-grass and more white fences are the landscape here.

Finding beauty in natural colors, corn, lemon, beet, sage and bees wax.
Beautifully hand crafted items provide practical applications, spiral staircases, bowls for lemons for making Shaker Lemon Pie.
A spot to lay your weary head and to dream or giving.
T’is the gift to be simple, t’is the gift to be pure.
Give something from the heart and in return expect nothing.