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stop and stare

We all know the type of house that you drive by, and that you stop and stare at.  This for me is just that sort of house.  
(pve design said)
“I sent these illustrations for a client to peruse for a possible Holiday card” – and this was her reply which made my day, 
(Client said)
“I printed out the illustration and carried it around with me all day yesterday.  I couldn’t stop staring at it.  It made me smile, made me really happy.  I don’t know, something about seeing my own home – so beautifully rendered was very moving.  I was seeing it from a perspective that I don’t normally enjoy… looking from the outside in.  And with this new perspective came a real sense of reflection.  I began to reflect upon the many intangible qualities that make a house a home.  To me those things are children, family, comfort, security, warmth, love and care.

As an artist, capturing the soul of something, be it a home, a pet, a person or even a flower, is what I strive for.  To feel so close to that thing that you know it from the inside out.  I know that as a parent, a mother, a friend and as a real person, I love the soul of things more than something being perfect.  I look for the imperfections, the real factor and try to show more the spirit in my work.  When I get comments like the one above, I feel truly blessed to be fortunate to draw for my living.  I may not be curing a disease, but I am adding a special something to the lives of my clients, one piece of art at a time.  Your comments mean the world to me.
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