Artful Living

Simply September

One of my most favorite months of the year has always been September and one of my favorite poets is Langston Hughes.  The above cover, “The Best of Simple” is on my list of books to find.

The cover speaks to me as well as so many of his poems.  September is a time of year to learn new things and to teach our children well.  The delirium of Summer is over and the nostalgia of Fall begins.  
As an artist and as a parent, I understand that if you love something, your children will want to love it too.  As parents and teachers, we have the chance to help our children go beyond us and start off on a lifelong voyage of discovery.  The ability to express oneself through art, music and writing is simply the greatest power we have to give.   Do you and your children share poetry, if not, I encourage you to start.  September is a good month to start.