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secret admirers

PvE Design Illustration – a seat for “Mrs.Blandings”

Do you remember your first secret admirer and that special feeling?  Blogging is like joining a mutual admiration society.  Well, I know that I have an audience or admirers who visit me too and I am doing a sort of “focus group.”  This week will be devoted to hearing from my audience, and getting to know what you want, what you like and why?  Pull up a chair, this is a long one.

Let me begin by saying that my foray into the blogging arena was an accident of sorts.   I was led to “All the Best” and immediately thought, this wonderful blog needs an illustrated header (which I did!)  From there to many other “favorite blogs” and rapidly I was like Alice in Wonderland and down the blogging hole in a matter of “clicks.”

PvE Design Illustration for “Mrs. Blandings” 
What an incredible journey it has been!  I have made friends all over the world and connected to an amazing power…. a higher power of creativity and inspiration.  

Only one year ago, I began blogging.  I began talking about my interest in starting a blog and then my aspiring writer friend came over, held my hand and in a matter of minutes I was a “blogger.”   I agreed to illustrate her header to thank her for helping me set up my own blog.
I have had the fortune to design headers for blogs that I love to visit and have become part of my morning routine.  Visiting other blogs is just like taking a trip from place to place, from London to Brooklyn limestone.

PvE Design Header for “My Knotting Hill” Blog
The beauty is that one can visit as often as one likes, no formal invite needed and one can visit from anywhere and the best part is there are no metal detectors or long lines, nor countless hours til departure.  One can be whisked away, and arrive at an inspiring spot in a matter of clicks.  
PvE Design Illustration for “My Knotting Hill”

PvE Design Illustration of “Brooklyn Limestone”
So tell me, in your words, what are you looking for when you visit?  I know that I have an audience of admirers who love my illustrations, my sincerity, and the way I am devoted to posting.  Through the act of developing my blog and posting daily I have learned a lot about myself and quickly building a following.  Please leave a comment and tell me in a few words, what you are looking for when you visit pve design.  Tell me what you secretly want and why you visit?