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looking up

Things are looking up around here.  This photo is of my twins, looking up at “La Tour Eiffel” in Paris where we had a picnic in June.  The lights had just gone on and it was a mesmerising sight.  Note both boys have “right” legs bent.  It must be a twin thing.

My son on the left is recovering from a nine day hospital stay and he is making progress daily.
The outpouring of support from family and friends has been so overwhelming.  Just like those lights, his life changed all too quickly with an infection that required surgery on his “right” hip and antibiotics to treat the infection.   All of this made for a scary time for our family. 
Oddly enough my son on the “right” had an elective surgery on his “right” leg prior to his twin and he is back to his happy healthy self.   It truly must be metaphysical for both boys, twins to have had surgery on their respective right legs.
Thank-you to each of you for your thoughts, your prayers, and humor which helped me to be strong for my family.