Artful Living

hey kid o

A rainy saturday, a good day to be a kid, build, dream, create and play inside.  Now that we are done with this tower of blocks, let’s walk down the block and puddle-jump along the way to here.

Hey kid O, why were you not around when my teen-agers were born?   Of course, there were other kids like you but not quite the same.  Aesthetically pleasing, this wonderful kid has just the right amount of stimuli. 
What more could a kid possibly need than a globe to take one traveling and some legos to build a United Nation.  A seed to watch grow and to water.  

Simple bins full of organized supplies to have at the ready for an imagination to draw, paint, or make something using our hands and our minds.
Here is the office of the big kid o behind the creation of my kind of store.  A mother of kids with an aesthetic and a mission to live with just the right amount of stimuli.  How many of you have too much stimuli and need to get a new kid-o start?