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face to face

photo of  PvE Design – at age twenty-two- circa 1980’s,(excuse the water mark on my forehead)

Here we are, face to face.  For those of you who know me, know that I care about skin and taking care of my skin is important.  I thought that I would share some simple tips about taking care of not only your face, but your skin.  The above photo is of my face at twenty-two.
Skin care tips
1.  Cleanse your face morning and evening with a simple cleanser.  I have used many products        but  all you really need is a gentle cleanser that works for your skin.  Try them out to see            what works best.  Your skin should feel clean, not dry or irritated.
2.  Tone, Toner- helps to refresh and my favorite thing is to dispense into a spray pump        bottle.  One  use it as a “spritz” which not only feels refreshing, you use less.  You can even  make your very own with witch hazel, rose water or other delightful natural delights.
3.  Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.  Use a day cream with SPF sunscreen with 25 or higher depending on your complexion.

 Night cream   is a MUST!  Moisturize your hands too with a simple cream! 

  Again, find one that works for you.  I love Lorna’s Naturals and Eminence, both are gentle 
  and smell amazing.  Apply the moisturizer to “damp” skin.  Allow the cream to penetrate 
  before you apply make-up.  Use brushes to apply make-up.  The less you touch your skin,
  the better.  Take note of the shelf life of your products.

4.  Eye Cream – Use an eye cream, the layer of skin is thin around your eyes.  Not only does it 
     feel good to apply just a dot around the eye, it helps you to have a young vibrant look.
Drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for radiant results. My Mother would always say, “You are what you eat, and beauty is skin deep.” 
We need a little good fat in our diet too, olive oil in dressing is a good fat.

If you do see any signs or skin irritation, speak to your dermatologist.  Dermatologists may also give samples to try and can examine your skin and make the best possible diagnoses.  I am not in the Health Field but have learned so much over the years.
Treat yourself to a gentle facial from time to time along with a massage.  I believe that both are good for the soul as well as the skin.  They help to rid toxins and to rejuvenate skin.
I hope this helps you to find a simple skin routine, it is never to late to set up a skin care regime that works best for you.  It is worth the few extra minutes, face to face with the mirror.