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21 Club

Happy Anniversary JC!

“The kiss” 21 years ago on our wedding day
(my 9 year old saw this and squealed “oooh- yukky pooh”)
  Today we join the “21 Club” as my husband and I mark our twenty-first Anniversary and I share with you a distinct and priceless gift for him from “Annie’s Rhyme Time.”  
Anne MacBryde Williams has a way with words and rhymes.  Contact Anne for your very own personalized fable – 914-961-8272
A mon Meilleur ami, a mon Mari, at a Amoureux

‘Tis hard to believe it’s been 21 years
Since that day we were wed among family and peers
Our guests arrived from the world’s four corners did roam
To arrive at “My old Kentucky Home”
Dressed in a bridal gown and veil of my own design,
I carried a bouquet like my Mothers – from an earlier time.
My hand calligraphied notations and sumptuous food
‘Twas a flawless occasion and set the mood —
As we exchanged our vows and the contract was sealed
We both truly understood we had found our ideals.
As the years have passed since that blissful day
We’ve balanced yin and yang in our own private way.
We have had our family’s challenges and personal joys
Blessed with a daughter and fraternal twin boys.
Although no gala celebration honoring today will be here
It’s replaced by intangibles we both hold more dear.
I thank-you John-Charles  – for sharing your life
I cherish our lives spent as husband and wife.
Touring Kentucky – “Blue grass and blue skies

 The big “give-away” – My father and I
(a serious moment!)