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traveling sketch book

A traveling sketch book comes with me on all my travels.  While we were in Strasbourg, France I enjoyed sketching this scene while we were on a boat on the canal.  

One of the things that I loved about Strasbourg were the roof tops.  My sketch books tell a picture story.  I use them as a starting point for my artwork.  My small bag  contains;

1 legendary Moleskine watercolour notebook
1 small traveling Windsor & Newton watercolour paint box
Pencils & Micron Pens
1 container for holding water w/lid.

My traveling sketchbook helps me to “look” and to really appreciate the sights around me and the ability to take time and sketch what I see.  Simply sketching with a black micron in a black bound mole skin sketch book takes me traveling – even when the trip is over and I am back home.  Do you travel with a journal or a sketchbook?  Try it and you will be amazed at how much joy it will bring you.  Besides, I always meet people who tell me “Oh, I can’t even draw a stick figure” – and I reply, “Well, I am so glad that I inspired you to start today!”  I always tell my children or students that I teach art to, “getting started is half the battle, so start now!”