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60 years of love and marriage

Happy 60th Anniversary to my parents, Jean & Paul
Love and marriage go together like …. my folks.  They just celebrated their Sixtieth Anniversary.  They are my parents and they are truly two of the most amazing people in my life.

Strength, compassion, hard work, and love, have carried them through life with amazing grace. Through better and worse, they have always made the best of it.  For richer or poorer, they have always been grateful for all they have, sharing simple goodness from the heart.
My father raised on a a farm, one of nine and my Mom, one of four – grew up in the city of Louisville.  They have remained Kentuckians their entire life, born and bred.   I am one of the lucky seven children.  As a mom, I am in awe of anyone with that many children and that many years of love and marriage.  It is not for the weak nor the timid.
The best thing about my parents is their positive outlook.  They both look in the same direction – that is when they are not looking at one another.    Now that is what I call true love.