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three scoops

image of my “3 scoops”
Just the other day, I had sort of what I like to call a Super Mom melt down.  I had glommed on way too much, things were back to back and I felt squeezed and squashed by the end of the day.
I even sent a “rant” to sweet Seleta, a blogger and Mom of four “offspring.”  She was kind to reply and let me know that she has days like these too.  (Hence the reason or reward for shoe purchases and Hair care.)

image of twin scoops
After a storm, one always has the ability to see things more clearly.  Just yesterday, I came across these photos that take me back to a kinder and gentler time.  A time of anticipation for my roses to bloom, right outside my door, a time preparing for our local Spring concerts at our school and a time of rewarding my 3 scoops with an ice cream after a job well done.  I always tell people, I have 3 scoops.  One “Chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry.”  When you see their hair-color, you get my point.

In my melt-down, I failed to see all the goodness, and all the rewards of my labors.  How lucky am I to have 3 healthy scoops.  That said, after a visit to the pediatrician that we have been seeing for nearly 12 years, (my sons now tower over him), I was reminded of how important it is to allow time for “reward”, for  “praise” and for 3 scoops of ice cream.  So when the going gets tough and you need to take a break, I suggest “Ice Cream.”  Exactly where we were headed when these photos were taken years ago.  This reminds me to take time for life’s sweetness. After all, one is never to old for Ice Cream, especially on a hot day.  We went to a diner and had 3 scoops.  We all left happy and smiling, a sweet reward.
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