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the perfect ride

image of Audrey Hepburn
Summer is a fantastic time to go for a bike ride.  Audrey Hepburn has always been a favorite of

mine.  She makes riding a bike look chic and fun.  Her little friend certainly adds an allure to the photo.  I can’t but help of think of Dorothy and the witch riding her bike with Toto too, “I’ll get you my little pretty.”

I could not resist taking this photo of this illustration while in Paris.  This was hanging in front of the Library.  Parisians ride bikes to get around and they always manage to look well turned out, sporting suits, dresses and often a basket or bag is in tow with a baguette of french bread.

Now that is what I call the “perfect accessory.”

So to the drawing board I go inspired by these ladies and their jaunty bike rides.
For my elegant ride, I will pick this chic ride from Venilover.  That leather seat reminds me a a stunning saddle.  I quite like the “horn” to honk!   All I need is a basket and a little pup for my perfect ride.