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Mr.Harte’s Holiday

Illustration by Glynn Boyd Harte from “Mr.Harte’s Holiday”
Glynn Boyd Harte takes us on a Holiday to the north coast of France, celebrated by generations of painters and writers, from Eugene Boudin to Marcel Proust.  The above illustration by Mr. Harte takes us to a wide expanse of Beach, of an old-fashioned sea-side resort.  I love this work for the use of a limited color palette of red, yellow and blue.  The majestic shadow cast of the umbrella in the foreground leads us towards a promenade of beach chairs and cabanas.  The northern light gives a golden glow to the sand ready to greet those on Holiday for a day at the beach.  I hope that this inspires each of you to begin with a simple primary palette and take your sketch-book on Holiday. 
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