Artful Living

le Voltage

Maison 21 decided to up the voltage and raise this chandelier found on e-bay as a design challenge.  It caught my attention over at Mrs. Blandings as she designed a chic Bordello for a “quick” visit of pure and utter decadance.  Next, off to Katiedid where I sported my muff and my portable flask of vodka as temperatures dropped and lead me into no mans land to an icebound dacha.  I was quite happily snowed in there, which then led me to my own challenge of flipping my own switch, to “Le Voltage.”

“Entre, s’il vous plait” to “le Voltage” – through this gate for an evening that you will never forget.

I felt that this chandelier needed sharing for all to see and a setting commensurate with it’s grandeur.  I mean it would be perfect in a Master Bath but then again, how cruel not to share it with the world.  Philanthropic interests at heart.  Le Voltage was designed after Versaille and I have decided to add an opera house there and invite each of you to a grand fete!

Nothing to wear, I am sure that you can come up with something to promenade along the red carpet as you have made the cut for an evening of total excess in a rather gloomy economy.   Just what the Doctor ordered to make us feel happy, a night out of high voltage to electrify! 

Blinded by the light, perhaps a pair of these would help to cut down on glare.  Dolce & Gabana has these for $386,ooo.  Not to worry, they are in the gift bag along with some other goodies, that will be handed out after you pass the gates.    I mean if I can afford such a chandelier, surely, I can afford to give each of you a party bag.  Hurry take your seats as the performance is about to begin.

Now that you are seated, turn off your cell phone and put away those noisy candy wraps and anything else that might ring, or bling during the performance.  Quite a venue of star performers on this evening’s program, Kiri Te Kanawa, Madonna, Prince and several other surprises. Sit back, dim the lights, and let the evening at “Le Voltage” light up your mind and your hearts.  Fireworks to follow the show in the formal gardens along with refreshments.

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