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top of the hill

If I lived in “Notting Hill”, I would want to live in a flat like this with a beautiful blue door.    I would wake up and walk out my blue door door for a morning stroll with my dog to fetch a journal and a fresh english breakfast or a spot of tea.  Greeting everyone along the way as if we all knew one another with a quip, “Cheerio.” Lovely weather we’re having!
Illustrated for My Notting Hill
and below,hand painted masthead in cobalt blue links.
(yes, shameless self promotion)
As my Mother always says, remember to toot your own horn!

My Notting Hill is a top of the hill blog, one that always takes the higher ground with an incredible view-point and a true passion for color, decor and strikingly chic accents for the home!  Three Cheers to Michele!