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in limbo

a pve design, illustrated for A.Tierney – Calendar
Posting this week shall be dedicated to Summer parties.  If you are “in limbo” about having a party, be inspired to have a little fun.  Having a party is really so easy and in this rather glum economy, it will add a smile to your life as well as your friends and family.  A party is a good “pick-me-up!”

image from rebecca thuss
Firstly, select a date and a theme for your party.  You do not need to have a specific reason to have a party.  Compile a list of invitees and make or select a simple card for your invitations. Select 2 to 3 colors to build your party around.   For example, if you select Pink, Orange and Red, then all items should work around those colors.  Pink envelopes, Orange napkins, Red plates and festive paper lanterns with crepe paper streamers.   Using classics such as, white, black, navy also sets a chic base from which to build a party.
Look for the clearance aisle at your local party store to see what fun and thrifty items might be found.  Do not be afraid to look in the children’s party section to add a fun and youthful vibe.  
Fun games for any age, such as pin the tail on the donkey, or limbo or even musical chairs break the ice when mixing new and old friends.  Physical games such as badminton, volleyball and ping pong are also great exercise.  Last year at our Family Reunion, we played a great game of volleyball.  

Once the invites are signed, sealed and delivered, start to write up your menu and make a master list.  Take a simple file folder and use it to collect photos, ideas, recipes and anything that might inspire and excite you to ensure that your party is a success.   Will you serve a special punch or what will your beverages be and scout for a local bartender or bartendress to serve drinks so that you can have fun too.  You would be surprised, that for a nominal fee, there are people who will gladly work as your bartender or have a trusted friend do that task for you.

In limbo about what you will wear, something casual or formal? Dressing up is often very welcome in this casual world.  Specify on the invite or tell guests when they call to rsvp.  You would be surprised at how many people get excited to wear “party attire.”

After all it is not every day that we get to play dress-up and play games.