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Beach tote

I love a good vacation to the beach; sun, sand and plenty of seafood restaurants nearby! Of course, thats probably not all you need. Sunblock, beach towels, books and magazines, toys for the kids, a bottle of water and maybe an ipod are all neccessities for a fun and safe trip to the beach. These sundry items add up and need to be carried in something!
Beautiful tote bags flood the market this time of year but make sure you get one that is machine washable and large enough for everything you’ll need (and stylish to boot of course!). I always prefer a tote with a zipper enclosure so that nothing falls out on the trip to the beach; preferably with lots of pockets for organization so you know where to find everything.

Restoration hardware currently has a really useful and stylish tote on clearance in many colors that can also be monogrammed. If you’re still looking for a beach bag, this may be the one HERE; Leaves more money for the bathing suit!