Artful Living

animal in the house

Bringing a little animal skin in to your home keeps things fun and fashionable.  Now, there are many animal prints actually printed on faux suede or cotton canvas to simulate the real without endangering any species.  One does not need to invest in a couch or an entire room, merely an accent piece such as a chair or even a pillow or ottoman.  The above illustration done for

blink decor shows a glamourous sunroom awash in white, accents of turquoise and zebra.

Windsor Smith chic zebra ottoman.  Collection after collection, designers have long been fascinated with fur and skin.  Animals are only natural and blend with all patterns, and every color scheme.  Invite leopard, zebra or ostrich in to your home.
A zebra under foot from Anne Coyle, to count the stripes or 101 spots to recline on in home of Timothy Tew, one even Cruella de Ville would be envious of, all add a touch of the wild kingdom.  Photo below is from  the book “Atlanta at home” by Frances Schultz posted over at Style Court.  
Currently, lizard and snake seem to be making a come-back in accessories.  Sounds tempting, right!  All you would need to add is a bowl full of apples, take a bite out of that, or not.  After all, your home should be your very own garden of eden.