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tagged out by "little-byrd!"

Being born and raised in the home town of the “Louisville Slugger” and the “Kentucky Cardinals”- “tagged out” by little byrd seems only like a natural turn of events.   Teaching my own children to play fairly, I will heed my own vice and admit to being tagged, back to home base to share the following.  Care to join me for some peanuts…popcorn and “peeps.”   
Here we go.
1.  What was I doing 10 years ago?  
I have a hard time remembering what was I doing just yesterday, but here goes – 
Ten years ago, I had left a glamourous full time career (as a fashion designer in New York City) to work free-lance and more importantly desiring to be the at home Mom to my twin sons.  (Grateful for the excellent caregiver we had for nearly 5 years, the last one was not up to par, and a series of unfortunate incidents gave way to my final decision.)  I did feel incredibly guilty to be walking away from a very nice and cushy salary at the same time really wanting to be the one there for my twins.  
My little daughter was the answer to my sign that I stay on my own course to witness all the firsts.  Luckily, my husband agreed that is was for our “family.”  I had no idea what a huge job I had signed up for, a life-time job of Mothering.  One job that you cannot just quit and nor can anyone fire me.  Well maybe they could!  Hard to imagine my baby will be 9 this summer and those twins will be driving, well soon enough.  All those years of being here – priceless.
2.  What are five things on my list for today?
-Greet the day with attitude gratitude for granting me this day and these things to do – and blog about!
-Morning errands to the bank, post office to send artwork off, like sending off a part of me!
-Morning knitting with the “knitsters “which gives me air and gets me out. Scurry home to…
-Work, “illustrate” a pile of work for patient clients– and give thanks for all of it!
-Hired helper to lend assistance so I do not have a nervous breakdown and to laugh with….!
3.  Snacks that I enjoy?
Love- nuts, raisins, fruit, edamame, yogurt or chocolate! 
4.  Things that I would do if I were a billionaire?
My life per se would be no different – No gold faucets or gold fillings.
Dream to live a simple life in a cottage- to teach art, knitting, sewing, cooking to students.
Long walks, yoga, and paint every day.
Continue to illustrate and have a series of books.  I would support worthy causes to help educate women and children in living an artful life, full of spirit and interdependence.
Women helping children.  (Oh I do that every day already! 🙂  
5.  Places I have lived;
New York City
Almost Hong Kong (does almost count)
New York Suburb
6.  I have tagged each of you or anyone else who likes to play fair and square.
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