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catch of the day

Here is my catch of the day, “Annechovie!”  

Fresh faced beauty, blessed with incredible artistry and a graceful way with words.
Anne has a penchant for creating and inspiring an artful life.  Sound familiar?
Happiness radiates from Anne’s work.  Having the pleasure of getting to know Anne is like adding sunshine to my day.  She has been a great friend to talk shop with about paint, and life and all that it entails.  
If you have a minute, here is one of Anne’s chairs, have a seat!  Anne has a penchant for chairs.
Anne has a way of making things groovy and fresh.
Matisse also had a thing for chairs.  Anne adores Matisse and this is one of his paintings that
 has inspired Anne.  Anne adores the way Matisse used color.

The photo above is one of Anne next to this urn.  I think this color is so Anne.

Anne also loves to paint urns.
Fresh, cheery and exquisitely stunning!

   Anne was kind enough to say yes to send me some of her work for our annual Holiday school boutique and I sent her back a box of goodies to thank her, and this was my “cheeky” illustrated tin of annechovie’s card that I enclosed.  If I knew back then, I would have sent some pumpkin seeds, some headbands, and some fresh coffee beans because Anne loves to have those while she works from seven to eleven.
Picture her at her desk, sporting flip flops, chic headband or pony tail, listening to words or music and painting fresh work!  
I hope you will get to know Anne if you do not already. 
As artists, we are all in this great big pond, swimming upstream together and since much of what we do is alone and isolated, it is always good to know that you have someone who adores you and thinks you are one great catch!  Extra annechovie’s for me, please.
Order some Anne’s work to inspire you!  Her work may even hang next to Matisse!
Word has it that he adored everything with “anchovy” – having painted on the Riviera it is only natural along with rose wine.