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apron strings

I have a penchant for aprons and never feel that I can get down to work with out sporting an apron.  The fit and cut of the apron has to be just right.  Several years ago, a dear friend gave me an apron from the venerable food institution from the city.  It has been one of my most cherished possessions which I wear on decorative painting jobs.  Another apron from a dear friend who returned to the area after living in Paris, it is my “cuisine” apron for preparing meals.  My friend Kwana, gave me a sweet short apron from here for when I just want to add a little something to brighten my day. Below is one of my favorite chef’s, Suzanne Goin of The Hungry Cat, in California.

You see aprons give people a “I am totally confident” air and a sense of getting down to business.

One of my favorite and fondest memories of when I came to New York was having dinner with my soul mate at “Mortimers” in the city, the men waiters wore long white aprons and they looked so polished, yet ready to serve.  My first American Express Card was used there for my first meal out to celebrate my first job.  I felt smart and on my way for adventure with this plastic card like Diane von Furstenberg.  All I really wanted was one of those long white aprons to glide effortlessly in my own work.  Wearing an apron makes me feel finished.  Liken it to my very own lab coat or bib if you will.  Perhaps I am tied to my very own apron strings.    The strings must be long enough to tie in front and I like to tie them below the waist, ready to seize the day and tackle the next project or meal.
Do tell, do you wear an apron?  There are so many types, french maid aprons, cobblers smock, pinafore, butcher’s apron.  Try one and see how much better you are at your task.  Carpe diem!
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