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random acts of quirkiness

Miss Cavendish has invited me to a cup of tea and a game of tag. A random game where I need to list “Six Random Acts of Quirkiness.” Now does that sound positively delightful or what. Nothing could delight me more than these quirky little cakes Miss Cavendish made, that were sent to me for my birthday.   They are exquisitely made and no calories.

Here are 6 and only 6 of my quirks-

1. I own the book ” How to read a person like a book” all about how to read certain gestures –
which fascinate me, especially in public spaces.
2. Must have a micron pen and paper near at all times to doodle or list with which to capture quirky gestures.
3. Intrigue with the “execution of craft” and a bit obsessed with how things are crafted.
ie, how can an Hermes bag be $10,000, but I still would love to have one!

4. love white sheets and white towels.
5. lorna’s natural moisturizer, i love it.
6. my epitaph, could it be one of my quirky drawings, a picture is after all worth a 1,000 words!
Thank-you Miss Cavendish!  Anyone on my blog roll who would like to divulge six random acts of quirkiness, please play along… I tag, Mrs.Blandings, Little-Byrd and Elements of Style.
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