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sent an inquiry looking for an illustration to be done of her Brooklyn Limestone. Stef sent me to take a look at the adventures of her place and needless to say I was moved by a renovation. (Not just any old renovation, Stef put up a blog to journal and document the before, after) -A not for the faint of heart or wallet sort of renovation, however, for those that are movers and shakers.  Here’s my illustration of her home.

One day, I clicked on Brooklyn Limestone, and I was shaken by the stressful photo showing some damage to the newly renovated, nearly completed Limestone, some sort of accident, a sewage back-up and I being the kind person that my parents raised, felt compelled to illustrate this home and send it to her. I truly believe that in every situation, there is a reason, a sort of silver lining.  In return, the card with my illustration arrived in the mail and I was “Moved!” I mean the key, the vellum, the type and the gold envelope. Wow!

 Everyday, around me, I witness things that move me, things that shake me and give me inspiration to design, to illustrate and to live.  Stef sent me a lovely box of chocolates too, and then this announcement which moved me. My children asked, where did you get this yummy chocolate, and I replied, from blogging. They say go ahead, blog all you want!
Next time, try to be a shaker and move some-one with something unexpected. Expect nothing in return, just do it because it moves you.   Stef posted about another “catastrophe”  the other day, one of her missing cat.   I am so glad that her cat came home, otherwise, a “hello kitty illustration” was on the drawing table.   
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